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Name:CLUB id
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"The id operates based on the pleasure principle, which demands immediate gratification of needs."

Welcome to CLUB id. Within these walls, you'll find a dark and twisted wonderland filled with the tools and people needed to fulfill all the desires you never knew you had. Anything goes at CLUB id. No kink is too deviant for this clientele. You're here purely for pleasure.

Or pain.

Or whatever combination of the two makes you the most excited. There are few rules here. Chief among them is that everyone must enjoy themselves to the fullest extent.

♦ ♦ ♦

CLUB id is a very exclusive, secretive place. Asking around won't find any mention of it. Only those who know it's there can find it again and only very special people are invited.

Others simply wander in unawares. Strolling past the nondescript building some random night, they find themselves inexplicably drawn to it, overcome with yearning for something they've never dared put a name to. Their deepest, darkest desires call them in.

CONCERNS andtheego: OOC

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